Don't like standing in line? Or when you get into a show, the wait at a table to see the reptile you came for? With VIP tickets you will be able to enter the event up to a hour before everyone else! Which means no lines or waits at the tables. Also means you will get first shot on any reptiles for sale and don't have to worry about anything being sold out. VIP tickets also give you a chance of winning the VIP raffle. 

VIP Ticket Pricing

Adults $5

Kids 6-13 $1

Kids 5 and under FREE

VIP Tickets may only be bought on our website and paid for in advance before the show

Hours:  8am-4pm

*Tickets are non-refundable*

Don't Miss Out!


To Buy VIP Tickets

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The show you dont want to miss!!

              May 16th 2021          

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