Venue Location

Lebanon Pennsylvania, 17042

Get more then just a table!

Yes you will pay for tables, but you will also get a lot more. You will be placed on our website with access to your facebook/website. We pay for our website to be advertised which means you get advertised as well. We will also post about you on our facebook and instagram. before, during and/or after a show. We also give our customers spending cash that they can only spend at the show. Which means more money for you!

We are all about family friends & healthy reptiles

We love the reptile community and are very carful about the type of vendors we have. And because of that we have a big following. We  do tons of giveaways to keep new and existing reptile lovers coming over and over again. We do it all for the love of reptiles. We want local reputable breeders to be able to market their animals in an environment they will strive in. We also want our friends and family and customers to have access to healthy and well taken care of animals without getting ripped off. Whether you are a breeder, a retailer or just the basic reptile owner, we are on a mission to bring us all alittle bit closer.

Once a vendor.....

Once you are a vendor with us you will be entered into our contests and giveaways for life. We mean it wouldn't be possible with out you, so YES we do vendor only contest that include a bunch of differnt and fun things!

No endangered species

All animals must be healthy and legal to sell in the state 

Permit required for venomous species

All animals must be properly contained in cages or containers

Dealer Setup: 5-745 a.m.

Show is 8am-4pm on Saturdays and 8am-4pm on Sundays. All vendors must stay until 4pm unless discussed before signing up

All sale transactions are between buyer and seller

Vendors are responsible for obtaining all required licenses and permits to keep and sell all animals and products that they bring to the show, and are responsible for researching and understanding those requirements.

Not responsible for injuries or damage

All vendors must have badge present

Additional vendor badges are available for extra fee.

Vendors may take out animals to show, but we are not responsible for any lost or injured animals

Table Pricing


- 8ft table $25 each -

8ft table with chairs

Electric is included but must bring your own extension cords

Tables are  first come first serve

No guarantee of tables unless paid for in advance

We require all tables have tablecloths

Set up is 5am-8am

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